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You start at beginners dance Class, then you progress to Improvers Salsa then finally Intermediate Salsa. Beginners and Improvers are both 8 weeks courses, choose from Monday or Tuesday which are staggered 4 weeks apart more about levels here >

Dance ChristchurchSalsa Beginners 101 Dance Courses
Salsa Dance Classes Christchurch New Zealand Dance ChristchurchNew Course Start Dates: - see start dates here >
salsa Salsa Beginners Class (Linear salsa On1)
Learn Latin dance Salsa basics and motion, through Salsa. No partner is required. Join in anytime up to week#2 if you have never danced Salsa! ...tell all your friends so they can join in! Free 1st Class. After this course progress through all the Levels... see below.
salsa Level: This is the best place to start Salsa from. It's for absolute beginnners. Join at the begining of any New Course
Dance ChristchurchFree 1st Class. Yes 'Beginners Salsa 1st week only'
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Dance ChristchurchSalsa Improver 201-202 Dance Courses
Salsa Dance ChristchurchNew Course Start Dates: - see start dates here >
salsa Salsa Improver Class (Linear salsa On1)
Salsa Fundamentals. 2 courses can be dnoe in any order or you can choose just to do one of the courses or both 201 & 202 8 or 16 weeks & 2 days to choose from, learn once or twice a week to progress twice as fast.
This is the most important level you will ever learn, its the foundation to linear Salsa. It's worth repeating this level no matter what level you are, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced you can still improve your foundation. You will pick up more details second or third time round, no matter what level you are.
salsa Level: Enter this level after completion of the Beginners Salsa courses.
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Dance ChristchurchSalsa Intermediate & Adv 301+ Dance Courses
Upper Intermediate Salsa Dance ChristchurchNew Course Start Dates: - see start dates here >
salsa Salsa Intermediate Class (Linear salsa On1) You will learn - More Fundamentals and beyond. Also learn variations, combos, turn patterns, dips, techniques & styling.
Each part is labeled (301, 302, 303 etc) all sections are 8 week courses that continue for over 6 years.
salsa Level: Join any time after Improvers...
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Dance Christchurch Mambo Salsa On2 Course
Salsa & Cha on2 Full Information

Learn to Dance Salsa On2 also known as Mambo or New York Salsa On2, with simple conversion you can dance Salsa in a new and exciting way.

Dance ChristchurchLevel: Improver/Intermediate (completion of Beginners 101 req)
Dance Christchurch3-4 week course
Dance ChristchurchNo partners needed
Dance ChristchurchSalsa Latina Concession cards welcome.

Dance ChristchurchPerformance Salsa & Latin Dance Teams
Performance Teams for Latin Dance Styles: Salsa, Bachata, Cha, Shines & more Dance Christchurch When: - See times & dates here >
Various Salsa & Latin Dance Performance teams to join. Performance courses can lead into performing & competitions, but not a requirement. Some teams require auditions while performance courses you don't need to.
Dance ChristchurchLevel: Improver & above recommended
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Dance ChristchurchSalsa Latina Dance Class Levels
The Salsa Latina class Syllabus is very carefully constructed progressive system which is specifically designed to give a particular result. The whole series of class levels has been put together to give you a complete learning tool. Although you may perceive that there are thousands of different moves that you can learn, but most of them are simply variations on common FUNDAMENTALS, from our Beginner & Improver levels. Once you learn all your fundamentals you progress to Salsa Intermediate level, which its syllabus lasts just over 6 years (40 x 8 weeks).
For information about our salsa class levels, view salsa class levels page >
Salsa Level flow chart Beginners Salsa Improvers Course Essential course Intermediate Salsa Course Salsa Performance Course
salsa Beginners Salsa 101 ex & Ft Courses - On1 Basics & Fundamentals
salsa Improvers Salsa 201-202 Course - On1 Linear Fundamentals
salsa Intermediate & Advanced Salsa 301-340 Courses - Variations, Turn Patterns, Tech & Shines

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