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Dance ChristchurchSalsa Latina Dance Classes
Joinable Salsa Latina dance courses from Salsa Latina Dance Academy Christchurch.
We have many types of classes that appear from time to time, be sure you don't miss out .... so please join our newsletter >.

Group Classes: Solo or Partner Dance? For New Beginners? Course or Drop-in? Free 1st Class?
Salsa Both Yes (B) Course (45) Yes (B)
Kizomba Partner Yes (B) Course (2+) Yes (B)
Bachata Both Yes (B) Course (2+) Yes (B)
Free Intros Both Yes Drop-in (1) Free
Cha Cha Both No Course (1) No
Zouk Partner No Course (1) No
Mambo Both No Course (1) No
Cuban Salsa Both No Course (1) No
Salsa Solo Shines Solo No Drop-in No
Performance Both No Teams (4) Some
- Free 1st Dance Class; (B) = Beginners level only. Course (#)
- Drop-in classes; you can join any time - (#) represents how many classes available.
- Courses; you need to start at the beginning only - (#) represents total courses/levels avail.
- Solo Dance or Partner Dance. Note: partner dances dont require you to bring a partner.
- For New Beginners (absolute beginners) (B) = Join beginners level to start
Full InformationDance ChristchurchSalsa Dance Courses
Learn Salsa Salsa Dance Courses: starts with a FREE 1st CLASS, in Beginners level. Courses avail on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays with over 41 levels to progress through. No Partner needed to join. This is the best and most popular Latin dance to start with. Learn from NZ, Aust & South Island Salsa Champions. See new dates and full information here >
Full InformationDance ChristchurchBachata Dance Courses
Bachata Bachata Dance Course: Beginers level starts with a FREE 1st CLASS On Wednesdays.
3 Levels to learn and progress through the 8 week courses.
Learn this very popular style of Latin dance, easy to learn & ideal for anyone at any level to join. everyone welcome. See new course dates & full info here >
Full InformationDance ChristchurchKizomba Dance Courses
Kizomba Kizomba Dance Courses: On Mondays, beginners level starts with a FREE 1st CLASS
Kizomba aka Angolan Tango, this dance is a sexy, sensual & very popular world wide dance. If you learn other styles of Latin Dance this is a must. 3 Levels to progress through. There's only one place in Christchurch to learn this dance.... See new course dates & info here>
Full InformationDance ChristchurchSalsa Solo Workshop Series
Learn Salsa Salsa Solo Shine Series, Thursday 7:40pm ' 3 Weeks' of more indepth Salsa technique, Spin better, Body movement, Shines, Mambo & much more. No Partnering, this is Shines & Solo Only. This content focusing on the individual with moving & turning more correctly, great for those who want to perfect their dancing ....more here >
Full InformationDance ChristchurchZouk Open Level Course
Kizomba Zouk Open Level Course: Mon 6:15pm 10th July
4 Week Fast Track course: Learn Zouk Basics & Fundamentals: Zouk basics, fundamentals, style and technique. We will also be including Modern & Neo Zouk style influences. Open Level: Not ideal for absolute beginners in partner dancing.... full details here >
Full InformationDance ChristchurchSalsa Night Fever: Free Latin Dance Intro
Salsa Night Fever Salsa Night Fever: Saturday Once a Month with + FREE Latin dance Intro
Starting with a Free Latin Dance class e.g. Bachata, Kizomba, Merengye at 8:30pm + practice, a
A great chance to try out some of thse dance styles, then followed on with a Latin dance party. BYO, All welcome. Door entry $5pp, Free Entry before 9pm... details >
Full InformationDance ChristchurchSalsa Performance Courses & Teams
Salsa Performance Course Salsa Performance Course: Courses start now and again. Learn about how to perform through a new salsa team routine which will develop your Salsa tremendously! Level: Salsa Improver & above recommended. Join our regular Salsa classes before taking this on.
Train with some of the best salsa dancers in NZ >

Full InformationDance ChristchurchLadies Salsa & Cha Shines Teams 2017
Ladies Social styling Salsa Ladies Salsa & Cha Shine Team Routines: This is an opportunity to get a taste of the new exciting Salsa routine and gain more information about this Ladies Salsa Shines Team. Anyone can join, no expectations on peforming, its just about learning a fun Salsa routine. What is a shine? To Shine means to dance without a partner.
Full InformationDance ChristchurchPrivate Lessons
Private Lessons Private Lessons for Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Cha & Kizomba Private lessons are great for:
If you miss a class or level or two you can use these to catch up. Iron bad habits. Great for learning at your own pace. Advance yourself to the next level in our classes quickly. Combined with group classes, yoru level with sky rocket. ..Learn from NZ Salsa Champs >

Full InformationDance ChristchurchEffective Fitness: Personal & Group Training
Private Lessons Get in shape and learn a more effective weight or resistance training routine!
Cardio alone will not cut it! You only need to spend 30mins a week on resistance training, which will work out every muscle properly. Gain strength & reduce fat, Increase joint stability, Sleep & feel Better, Gain bone density, Keep healthy & live longer.. read more >



Class not listed?
We've had many styles of dance and fitness related classes in the past, and many more will come. Join our newsletter so you don't miss out on new ones starting >
To date we've had these classes:
Salsa, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Contemporary, Indian traditional, Belly Dance, Middle Eastern, Ballroom, Dance, Ballet, Zumba, Ceroc, Tango, Bollywood, Spanish, Fitness, Strength training, Yoga, Pillates, Nia & more..
Latin Dances Workshops: Mambo -Salsa On2, Merengue, Brazilian Samba, Brazilian Axé, Lambada, Zouk, Kizomba, Cha cha On2, Capoeira, Bachata, Bachata Tango, Bachata Moderna & Dominican, Samba de Gafiera, Latin Funk, Argentine Tango, Shines, Ladies stylising, Men styling, Lead & follow, Musciality, Cuban Salsa & Rueda, Advanced Linear Salsa, New York On2 Mambo Salsa, Rumba, LA, Columbian Style, Palladium Salsa, Dips & Arials & more..

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salsa dance Classes
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salsa dance Classes
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salsa dance Classes
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salsa dance Classes
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