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Time & Dates
Dance ChristchurchThursday
2nd June 2016 (only this date)
Dance Christchurch8:45pm - 11:30pm
(sometimes finishes earlier or later)
Normally if we can't get Thursday in a bar for some reason, we will hold these night(s) at the Studio, please joing our newsletter to stay informed.

Dance ChristchurchFREE Entry all night & everyone is welcome at any time.
Dance ChristchurchBYO Drinks welcome
Dance ChristchurchDrinks available - Non-aloholic drinks available for purchase

Social Dance Nights
Dance Christchurch8:45pm Studio#1 - Salsa, Bachata, Cha, Zouk & Kizomba (DJ Reuben)
Totally Fun filled & Hot. Drink and dance the night away. Every Thursday night at Salsa Latina Studio people from all walks of life come to party and dance. Come down and have a look, a drink and have a dance! It's the most popular Salsa Night of the week. Anyone can come, this night is for everybody at all levels, dancers and non-dancers. Catering for all dance styles: Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Merengue, Cha. Every Thursday we have run a Salsa Dance night for more than a decade, sometimes at Bars such as Loaded Hog, The Base, Twisted Hop, Revival Bar, Topkapi, Mashina Lounge & Morrell & Co. So join our newsletter to be informed if we have any changes as we will be moving to a bar Salsa night as soon as we can.
• Is there any Free Lessons? There are no Lessons or Dance Classes during this night, its pure social dancing, although you don't need to dance already to come, we do recommend you come to a Free 1st Salsa class. You can learn to dance in our Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes, just see the adveritsements.
• Can I bring some alchol? Yes, Note that we don't supply or have any glasses at the studio, so you can bring your own glasses or plastic cups.
• I'm a beginner dancer, should I come? absolutely, its the fastest way to learn when mixing social dancing with regular Salsa classes you'll learn up 10 times faster. It's like practice on steroids!
• Can I bring my friends? Yes everyone is welcome incuding non-dancers.
• Is the Zouk & Kizomba room open? Not on Thursdays we want the crowd to be together on this night to mingle as most people dance more than one style. We also want a point of difference between our Saturday parties & Thursdays. When Social dancing is back in the night clubs usually its in one space.

Salsa Latina Dance Centre:
12 Bath Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
- see maps & parking details here >

Tips & Safetly Tips for Social Dancing
• To get a dance with someone, it recommended to stand near the edge of dance floor to get the best results. Find that sweet spot where everyone tends to get asked. If you sit down you probably will find it hard to get a dance. There is whole articles written on this subject, see our articles pages on this website or search online.
• The floor is for dancing. Walk around the edge of the dance floor rather than trying to thread your way through the dancers causing accidents.
• Don't take drinks onto the dance floor incase you spill a drink, dancers soles tend to absorb fluids and then they can't dance.
• Take off sharp rings, bracelets, hair pieces and keep your nails short guys too.
• If you are teaching, learning or practicing new moves, do it off to the side of the dance floor. The dance floor is for dancing!
• If the dance floor is crowded, don't take up excessive space or travel from area to area, look around and behind you so you don't crash into others. As with driving, good dancing includes the skill of dancing with everyone on the dance floor, not just your partner. Air steps (aerials) & lifts are for competitions and performances not the social dance floor and are banned at the studio and usually social events. Never lift without permission.
• Do NOT do performance tricks, flips or lifts, this is a no no and can be very dangerous, not just for your partner and you could be removed from the venue.
• Don't drink and dance. Not to much anyway... If you have had too much to drive, you've had too much to dance.
• Also make sure your breath is sweet and use deodorant. Manage your well being, you'll get more dances
• Don't be the 'teacher' on the dance floor, particularly when it's not asked for. Many people find this very annoying, the dance floor is for dancing! Just enjoy the dance the best you can and thank your partner at the end.

Scenes from the opening Salsa night at Mashina Lounge, while this night is not running while Thursdays Salsa nights are at Salsa Latina the environment & dancing is much the same.

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